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Avoid 5 Common Dating Mistakes

Today we thought we would go a different direction and show you some dating mistakes that can end a relationship before it even gets started. Avoid these at all costs for a happy healthy relationship.

Rush to Commit

A very common dating mistakes is rushing into a relationship too quickly. Always take the time to get to know your partner. Often people get caught up purely on emotion. Take the time to get to know your partner including hobbies, interests, and value. Let the relationship proceed at a comfortable pace once you know one another's personalities. You will have much better results.

Ignoring Red Flags

When you meet someone and are having a great time people tend to overlook the red flags. These flags might include disrespectful personality, or inconsistent communication. Trust your instincts and address with yourself your concerns. Always address issues early on to prevent them from growing into larger problems in the future.

Not Honoring Boundaries

No matter how great that first date might have gone- boundaries need to be set right from the start.  These include your expectations on availability or the pace of the relationship.  Being straightforward from the start can help to avoid future frustrations.

Being Suspicious or Jealous

Often a person's own insecurities can cause them to constantly act suspicious or jealous. This can also result from previous experiences or dishonesty. Do not trust blindly, but mistrust can stem from many sources. It will typically result in paranoid behaviors like questioning their location or looking at their phone.

Overly Available

You may be smitten and want to spend every moment with your new partner. However too much of a good thing can make things sour. Do not be overly available. Spend time with your friends and let your partner know you have plans sometimes. They will like and respect you more for it. As things progress gradually spend more time together at a natural pace.

We hope you have enjoyed our dating no-nos list. Following these tips will potentially lead to a long and healthy relationship. Oh- and one more bonus tip... do not spend early time together talking about your exs! Happy hunting!


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